Carrier rental FAQs*

About the mandatory deposit
Carrier Care
Buying / selling carriers

Are there late fees?
If you do not return a carrier on time, you will be charged a second rental fee, which will deducted from your deposit.

Are we sent reminder notices?
No. Each class will have two scheduled dates. The second is to return the kit and to touch base with us.

Do you keep waiting lists for your carriers?
You can reserve them in advance, but no waiting lists are being kept at this time.

When I rent a carrier, do I get any take-home instructions?
All instrutions are available on the internet nowadays by brand. There is also a second meeting when you drop off the kit where you can ask any additional information.

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About the mandatory deposit*

Why do we have to pay mandatory deposit? The mandatory deposit is designed to replace the carrier at full value the minute it becomes lost. This guarantees that I will always be able to offer the variety of carriers in my collection should my original go missing or be damaged. It is fully refundable upon return of the carrier in good used condition.

How do you determine the mandatory deposit for hard to find items?
I take the average selling price on the market and convert it to Canadian dollars. If the item is impossible to find, the deposit charged is based upon the replacement cost for a comparable item.

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Carrier Care*

Who cleans the carriers?
Please do not wash the carriers. I take extra care to use special low impact, no odour detergents, to protect anyone with allergies and do not use any harsh chemicals. Most common detergents on the market are hard to remove from fabric. You can spot clean them, if necessary. Normal use and wear are fine. Permanent or hard to treat stains will necessitate special cleaning by professionals (like red wine or curry stains) and the cost will deducted from the deposit.

Instructions on how to spot clean a carrier

Take a bowl of lukewarm water and dip in a clean cloth. Lightly dab the area that needs treatment. Let air dry.

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Buying / selling carriers


Do you buy or sell carriers?
Not at this time.

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