About Débora Rodrigues

Débora started her babywearing journey while she was pregnant with her older son in 2003 when her midwife gave her a paper about using a sling. She then went to the baby show and bought her first carrier from Susie Pearon at the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe in Ottawa in 2004.

It was a Maya Wrap original shoulder ring sling, and Débora had a love/hate relationship with the thing. She watched the CD (this was pre-Youtube) and it took awhile to figure it out what with mommy brain and an overly complicated set of instructions. Her first son walked at 10.5 months of age and it was only upon the birth of her second son in 2007 that Débora's baby carrying experience exploded. One she had to chase after thing one, and thing two only walked at 15.5 months, making carriers a necessity. From there she jumped into babywearing with two feet

To read more about her experience, read her biography on the Babywearing in Canada website.

To make an appointment, take a look at her calendar. Débora works at Kneaded Touch Women's Clinic in Barrhaven Mondays, and can also be contacted to make other arrangements.