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Introductory & Specialty Courses*

Introduction to Baby carrying
Babywearing is such a fantastic tool for both parents and babies. Learn all about the benefits of babywearing for your babies -- and the power, mobility and happiness it provides for you, the parent.
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $40.

Next session, January 27 at Kneaded Touch in Barrhaven at 1:30 pm.

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Wearing the preemie*
Learn how to provide kangaroo care to your pint-size babe, try out all the options, how to transition once your babe is older and larger.
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $60.

Wearing Twins*
Congratulations! You are now the parents of twins and maybe wondering, what tools can I use to babywear today.
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $60.

Babywearing facts, fiction, myths and positionin’
Learn about the importance of babywearing, common misunderstandings, and frequent babywearing myths. This in-depth course will help you understand the development of babywearing over the last few decades, schools of thought and more.
Time: 4 hours, Cost $80.

Back Carry Clinics*
Are you intimidated by back wearing and afraid that you’ll drop your babe? And you want more freedom of movement – while washing dishes, doing the laundry, and go for longer hikes all while protecting your back? This course if for you if you want to learn how to back wear using any of these carriers: Mei tais, SSCs (like the Ergo), podaegis, and slings. To learn how to back wear using a woven wrap, I recommend my Monkey Wearing or Short Wraps course.

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Ring sling courses*

Ring slings and things: Ring slings & pouches
Pouches and ring slings are based on the oldest carrier style used by people today, the short wrap. Come and learn how these carriers are designed, what are the make or break features and test them out in person.
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $30.

Ring slings clinic
Do you own a ring sling that is sitting unused in a dusty corner of your house? Come and learn how to integrate this wonderful carrier into your rotation – we will discuss optimal use of a sling, how to make it more comfortable, and take yours for a test drive!
Time: 1 hour, Cost $20.

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Wrapping courses*

Little cuddlers: Basic front wrapping skills
In this course we will discuss versatility of wraps, the different styles on the market and the most common wrapping techniques for newborns and young children. Back carries are covered in our advanced course or come and see us during a Back carrying clinic.
Time: 2 hours, Cost $45.

Monkey wearing: Advanced wrapping skills*
This is for wrappers who want to learn or become more proficient at carrying their children using back and hip carrying positions with woven wraps of 3.5 m or longer.
Time: 2 hours, Cost $45.

Mastering short wraps*
For those interested in learning how to use short wraps such as any 1 to 3 m wraps, this course is for you. We will cover knot tying, hip wearing and back wearing. Short wraps include kangas, selendangs, and any short woven.
Time: 2 hours, Cost $45.

Torso carries: Podaegis and short wraps*
Do you have shoulder problems and would like to explore alternate ways that you can carry your baby? Torso carries are one of the most commonly used throughout the world. Find out why! We will look at wide and narrow blanket pods, and short wraps such as kangas.
Time: 1 hour, Cost $25.

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Asian style baby carrier courses**

Straps and squares: Mei tais, podaegis, ½ & full buckle carriers*
Square carriers come in many shapes and sizes – and are among the easiest to learn. But it can be hard to figure out which one suits your needs (and body type) best. Join me in this course and learn about the different options on the market, how they may or may not work in your life, and try out a bunch of options
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $35.

Torso carries: Podaegis and short wraps
Do you have shoulder problems and would like to explore alternate ways that you can carry your baby? Find out why torso carries are one of the most commonly used throughout the world, and how you can make your own Babywearing Magic. Time: 1 hour, Cost $25.

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Exploring the world of babywearing*

Carriers of the world
Babywearing is a traditional that has been passed down in cultures around the world from mom to mom, parent to parent. Come and explore these beautiful carriers. We will play pods (traditional and otherwise), Japanese wrap strap carriers, onbuhimos and chuneis, among others.
Time: 1.5 hours, Cost $40.

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